FiVe steps to a more sustainable botanic life

too many flowers; too few ethics

We welcome you to join a wonderful bunch of like-minded folks willing to support our endeavour to cultivate and grow a sustainable, locally-grown, slow-flower movement across Australia. Below are Five ways you can help us create a better 'Australia Botanica' by practicing field-to-vase ethics.

I. Shop Truly Local
Just like food and wine, provenance matters when it comes to buying botanics. Buy locally-grown, not flown, botanics. You can buy direct from us, or find a stylist, florist, wedding and event planner on our Collective Directory.  Think daisy-chain not supply-chain!

II. Support Change Makers
Consortium Botanicus supports farmers, growers, foragers, makers and doers. These small businesses, in turn, help small regional communities survive and thrive and build resilience. Support the change-makers and strive to make sustainable, ethical flower farming a bloomin' success.

III. Ask Questions
What does 'fresh' mean? How long ago were these flowers cut from the field? Are these flowers grown locally? Whereabouts, exactly? Does the grower use chemicals? Are these flowers in-season? Do you support Australian-grown florals and foliage? Get the drift petals!

IV. Go Seasonal
If you're planning a wedding or event, go seasonal. Rather than insist on certain florals that are unavailable or out of season and costly (money + foot print) to fly in, ask us or your stylist or florist to let you know which locally-grown flowers will be in season. Botanic and event stylists are talented folk so you're more likely to get a beautiful one-off look.

V.  Buy The Best You Can Afford
Flowers are food for the soul. Their perfume reminds us of special milestones and celebrates the joy of life itself. Paying a little more for truly local florals brings happiness, colour and fragrance to your special event, home and loved-ones plus it keeps your money in your own economy, helps grow healthy communities + makes us smile.

Looking at beauty in the world, is the first step of purifying the mind.
— Amit Ray