putting the 'us' back into botanics

many 'fresh-cut' florals sold in Australia are imported.

Whilst not all, many of the flowers shipped into Australia from other countries (commonly Kenya, Vietnam, Ecuador, Colombia, China)  incur transportation, energy, refrigeration and storage costs that leave an unnecessarily large carbon footprint. Some imported florals, which often carry residue of foreign chemical pesticides or fungicides, do not support grass-roots local economies and disregard the importance of celebrating truly-local seasonal offerings. Healthy, local florals bring joy and #wellness to us all.


Some Australian flower growing models are also not doing the best by the environment or their local communities either. Our message is simply to ask where your flowers come from and how they are grown. Seek local flower farmers who care about the environment and in doing so they give back as they grow.

below are our field-to-vase ethics

Our Florals Are Truly Local
Consortium Botanicus florals have a low carbon footprint. We are a bunch of grass-roots established and aspiring flower farmers and farmer-florists. Our flower farms embrace and celebrate the varieties that best-match the seasons and soils of our local environment and micro-climates. By choosing to buy local seasonal botanics you are helping support local farming families, local villages, regional agricultural heritage and build a local floricultural future.

Our Florals Are Truly Fresh
Imported flowers are cut well-before they arrive in your hands. Preservation chemicals and climate control are used to artificially prolong quality and vase life during importation. Our locally-grown florals, foliage and herbs can be cut in the morning and at your event that evening or the very next day.

Our Florals Are Responsibly Grown
We strive to produce our florals and foliage using responsible farming methods like integrated pest management, diverse cropping systems, companion planting and low-input, natural fertilisation programs. Our farms encourage important biodiversity and soil health.

Our Florals Smell Better
Many commodity-type flowers have been bred for uniformity and artificial stem strength for long-distance travel, often losing their natural fragrance in the process. Our locally-grown seasonal florals are produced naturally and come in a wide range of colors, forms, and scents, just as Mother Nature intended.

Our Florals Are Real
We don't produce clone-like botanics. We celebrate the beauty and quirks of Mother Nature's miraculous art. This also helps reduce waste. We refuse to discard hundreds of flowers because the stems are not exactly 'to spec'. We grow real florals for real folks.

We Support Small Farmers and the Local Economy
The production and sale of locally-grown cut flowers contributes to the local community’s economy and employment and encourages creative entrepreneurs, young and old, to value agricultural and floricultural practices and the environment.

We are Supported by local Florists and Floral Designers
Local, mindful florists and floral designers who source, use and promote locally-grown in-season cut flowers wherever possible, help build and strengthen the local economy.

Our Florals Are Fairly Grown + Traded
Joining together to support one another helps us, in turn, support fair and sustainable farming, supply and trading practices: a fair price for the growers, the florists, the stylists and ultimately our customers. Paying a little more for quality helps everyone grow.

Our Florals Make You Feel Better!
Flowers reduce stress and improve mood. Flowers connect people to a time, a place, a person, a season, an event. They become part of your story. Healthy, truly-local florals make you feel even better.  They are a feast for your eyes and food for your soul.

Now we've sown the seed, grow with us!

In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.
— Charles Darwin